my first artist book

Liber Mundi International Zine Project features the zines and artist’s books of thirteen artists from around the world, including the United States, Slovenia, Finland, Poland, Serbia, and Mexico.

Liber Mundi explores the act of discovery found in transmission of information via the contemporary book form, artist books, and zines.

Each artist will have created an edition size of at least 13 artist books or zines allowing for 13 exhibitions or events to happen around the world throughout Spring 2016.

For the project I decided to assemble a kind of work in progress book/diary

A base is a notebook which contains 64 pages or 32 sheets; therefore my objective is to create 32 series of 18 drawings (one for each book of the edition – one for each participating artist) using a drawing algorithm or rule inspired by a random task proposed by the online idea generator at All the details, behind the scene stories and the results of this visual journey can be followed here : RANDOM ORDER