My painting WHITE CUBE ON A RED WALL was selected and published as a cover for the newest issue of Pannon Tükör cultural magazine.

WHITE CUBE ON RED WALL, 2018 / acrylic, canvas, wood / 72x87x2cm

inside-outside in Tata


I’ve heard about this annual event in Tata, Hungary few year ago and this year the theme of the exhibition matched my current visual experiments perfectly, thus I decided to submit 2 works that deal with the term INSIDE-OUT : WHITE CUBE 1 and WHITE CUBE 1A

on display between August 11 and 20, 2016

WHITE CUBE 1 / 2016 / 45x45x4,5cm

inteam – exhibition and a roundtable discussion

BRIDGE – Art connects!

The key word of the Autumn Festival of Museums is HÍD – BRIDGE, thus bridge it is the key connection of the exhibition and the following round table discussion with foreign artists living in Hungary.

The exhibition in Szombathelyi Képtár / Gallery of Szombathely presents contemporary artists from Poland, Slovenia, France, America, Australia and Japan.

Their works are varying in theme, style, and technical solution, however there is something that connects all these works, they were all produced in Hungary.

I have two works at the show and together with Fukui Yusuke and Tomasz Piars I was one of the roundtable discussion participants.

ČUČMUČ : 2194K and ČUČMUČ : 7295F

It’s not a coincidence

There are 53 works of art on display at the Gallery Murska Sobota, which showcase 18 artists from Pomurje region – painters, photographers, sculptors, printmakers, caricaturists and designers. This is the fourth edition of exhibition entitled Coincidences NAKLJUČJA. Since the first event  61 artists from all over Slovenia participated.

The collection is trying to answer two fundamental questions: Is tradition still a tradition? And what remains after the self-termination of tradition – an empty time interval or a wave of new, pervasive creators?

On display from July 14 till September 7, 2016

Address:  Galerija Murska Sobota, Kocljeva 7, 9000 Murska Sobota, Slovenia


I have three works at the show: (from left) ČUČMUČ : 2194K, ČUČMUČ : 3834G and ČUČMUČ : 7295F

my first artist book

Liber Mundi International Zine Project features the zines and artist’s books of thirteen artists from around the world, including the United States, Slovenia, Finland, Poland, Serbia, and Mexico.

Liber Mundi explores the act of discovery found in transmission of information via the contemporary book form, artist books, and zines.

Each artist will have created an edition size of at least 13 artist books or zines allowing for 13 exhibitions or events to happen around the world throughout Spring 2016.

For the project I decided to assemble a kind of work in progress book/diary

A base is a notebook which contains 64 pages or 32 sheets; therefore my objective is to create 32 series of 18 drawings (one for each book of the edition – one for each participating artist) using a drawing algorithm or rule inspired by a random task proposed by the online idea generator at All the details, behind the scene stories and the results of this visual journey can be followed here : RANDOM ORDER

exhibition in Budapest

Organised by Gallery-Museum Lendava and the Várnegyed Gallery from Budapest, a selection of works from GML’s collection were put on display in Budapest. I’m represented with a piece from the CROSSROADS series; an interactive painting made back in 2007.

The exhibition entitled OGLEDALO DUŠE (A Mirror of the Soul) is on display until March 19, 2016 from Tuesday to Saturday between 11am and 6pm.

Address: Várnegyed Galéria, Budapest I. Batthyány utca 67


my work is the (black/white) one in the left corner. photo credit GML